Is Rainbow’s forecast accurate? Benchmark with Apple and Accuweather, explained

See how Rainbow's weather forecasts outperform Apple Weather and AccuWeather with unparalleled accuracy and resolution—ideal for business.
Written by
Vlad Nadymov
Published on
February 19, 2024

Weather Forecasting That Counts

For ridesharing, delivery, and agritech, weather accuracy isn't just nice to have—it's essential. Rainbow delivers with forecasts for 2 hours ahead that go down to the minute and square kilometer. This isn't just better; it changes how businesses operate.

Why Rainbow Wins?

We compared Rainbow’s minute-by-minute forecast Apple Weather and AccuWeather. To do that, we used a standard metric: the F1 score.

It combines precision and recall, ensuring our forecasts are both accurate and comprehensive. Precision is about predicting rain accurately; recall is about catching every rain event. Higher F1 means we reliably predict actual weather events, making a real difference for businesses.

Chart above shows that Rainbow’s prediction (measured as F1 score) outperforms Apple and AccuWeather over 60 minutes from moment of forecast.

Real Impact

This means more accurate ETAs and dynamic pricing for ridesharing and delivery or less downtime and better crop management for agritech. With Rainbow, businesses aren't just reacting to the weather; they're ahead of it. This allows you to take proactive measures while there’s still enough time.

Our Advantage

Rainbow isn't just another API. It's a tool for making informed, weather-dependent decisions with confidence. Our lead in forecast accuracy gives your business a real competitive edge.

Our forecasts update every 10 minutes, looking two hours ahead. This unmatched precision and frequency mean businesses operate on the data that is closer to ground truth than anything else on the market, making decisions that matter in real-time.

Want to power your business with Rainbow’s data? Share your use case with our team so we can tailor the solution to your needs.

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