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Discover how Rainbow's Forecast API outperforms traditional weather models like GFS & ECMWF. A new take on weather forecasting with AI-driven, hyperlocal updates — turning unpredictable weather into a manageable factor for businesses.
Written by
Vlad Nadymov
Published on
February 19, 2024

The Old Titans

The weather forecasting world has its giants: GFS, ECMWF, NAM, the UK Met Office, JMA, and GEM. These models are like the old rotary phones—reliable, yes, but not exactly smart. They serve up weather predictions with the finesse of a sledgehammer: 20x20 km resolutions updated once a day. It's a bit like reading tomorrow's weather from a newspaper printed last week.

Why That's Not Good Enough

Here's the thing: when you're running a business that depends on weather—say, a farm that needs to know precisely when to harvest or a delivery service trying to beat a storm—you can't rely on a forecast that's basically guessing what might happen over a vast area. It's like trying to play a video game with a controller that only works half the time. Frustrating, isn't it?

Rainbow's Superior Approach

Rainbow stands apart by applying specialized AI techniques, including image recognition, to clean radar data and satellite imagery used for weather prediction. This focused approach, rooted in our team’s extensive experience with mapping and geospatial data at Mapbox, Maps.me & Petal Maps, allows us to achieve superior quality of forecasts. (See a blog post [LINK TO ANOTHER BLOG POST] that benchmarks our forecast against market leaders).

This means not only are we more accurate, but we also provide forecasts with unparalleled detail:

  • Temporal Resolution: Minute-by-minute updates. It's the difference between "It might rain this afternoon" and "It'll start raining at 2:05 PM."
  • Spatial Resolution: Detailed to a 1x1 km grid. Yes, we can tell you what's happening on your block, not just in your city.
  • Update Frequency: Refreshes every 10 minutes. By the time you finish reading this post, we'll update our predictions
  • Forecast Length: Predictions extend up to 2 hours ahead.

What This Means for Businesses

With Rainbow, businesses across various industries can leverage ultra-high resolution weather forecasts to make more informed decisions. Whether optimizing logistics, planning agricultural activities, or managing energy production, our precise data ensures operations can run more efficiently, safely, and profitably.


In a world where generative AI is setting new standards, Rainbow's specialized approach to weather forecasting offers businesses the specificity and reliability they need.

Our advanced AI applications on radar and satellite data provide forecasts that are not just better but transformative. For a deeper dive into how our data can boost your ops, pick a time to chat with our sales team.

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